Smeraldi Cues

Hand crafted top quality pool cues

I use the best materials available to construct a pool cue of the highest
quality. Both domestic and imported woods are used to give each cue the
look and feel the discerning pool player expects. As a pool player myself, I
value not only the look of the cue but, more importantly, how well the cue
plays. I guarantee you won't find a cue with a more solid feel and hit at any
  • The best shaft wood turned slowly over time to prevent warping.
  • Exotic woods sealed and finished to stand the test of time.
  • Many cue options available
  • ***NEW*** Leather Wraps!!! $75 - $100 based on leather type!!
  • Web based Straight Pool Score Keeper! Click to try it out.
What is a custom pool cue?

Many manufacturers of pool cues call their cues custom. To me, a custom cue
is a handcrafted cue made to exact tolerances and my specifications or your
unique specifications.
Pool Cues etc.

Not only do I provide handcrafted cues, but I also do quality repairs, refinishing
and refurbishing. If you are local to my shop location you can drop off your cue
for service. If not, see the services section for shipping instructions.
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Smeraldi Cues